Awake America
America, a Nation Under Siege. This powerful book written by Dr. Robert White.


There are powerful forces at work in America to make America like other nations. These forces are determined to rob this nation of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, Christian symbols, and Christian expressions in worship.

A most significant force assailing America’s religious freedoms is The Supreme Court, which many believe is now an oligarchy. Militant forces, with the assistance of the courts, are removing any evidence of Christianity in public and government properties.

America is at war. When I speak of war, I am not referring to any military action by any country against America. I am not referring to the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or State Department, although terrorism is a very real threat. 

The war I’m referring to is a spiritual war, and too many in God’s army have gone AWOL. The book, Awake America, is a shout to the people who treasure our freedoms and a shout to the Body of Christ to “wake up” and take our freedoms back before it is too late.