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A Call to Arms

God is calling us to prepare for the battle. How will we, the Body of Christ respond?
This title may seem to be contradictory to the Christian Faith. Read the Bible and you see a loving God, creating man, providing for man, and speaking planet earth into existence by the breath of His mouth.



What A Day!  A poem by Dr. Robert White                      
We walked slowly up mount Calvary,
The mourners, weeping, heartbroken, this sad day;
The air was heavy with hatred, profanity, insults
By the crucifiers as they lined the pathway.
Never in the history of mankind was there ever such
a day!...

True Revival: Prayer and Unity
God spoke to me more than six years ago and gave the formula for revival in America today. Out of the vision I received from the Lord, I wrote Awake America, a nation under siege. The book identifies and explains in great detail the enemies that are destroying the underpinnings of our great nation and how the Body of Christ must respond with genuine revival.... read more...



If you have listened very much to the speeches of the presidential candidates, you will have heard this word quite a lot. Both political parties use the word to indict the other parties’ candidate as being “out of touch” with particular groups. read more..